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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless(ish) Wednesday:
Paper Mache Guitar

Okay, I know I said I was on vacation, but just look at this cool guitar Jack and I made today! We recycled a mandarin orange box and a tube from something (I collect stuff from who knows where). A little papier-mâché, some paint, a few elastics and a bread bag fastener for a pick! Et voilà! A GUITAR!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sick boy overnight - stomach flu. : (

Any bets on how long before mama is retching over the porcelain throne? Mama hasn't been feeling so hot these past few days.

You know you're a mom if, even though you feel like you've been drug through a knothole backwards, you can't say no when your child sweetly asks, "Mommy, can we make a paper mache guitar today?"


  1. What a good mom! I hope you both feel better very soon. I really like the guitar...very creative.

  2. Oh you poor thing. I hope you get over your stomach flu soon. You're such a great mama and that is a really cool craft. Take care and get well soon! :)

  3. Feel better soon, you two!
    So creative! I need to learn about paper crafting with my kid =)

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    Hoping you all fee better quick as possible. enjoy your sick baby cuddles.
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  5. Very cool guitar! I love what he uses for a pick. Hee hee.

  6. Wow, you did all this when you're sick? Can't imagine what you'd get up to when you're in tip-top shape! ;) Hope you both get well soon!

  7. My J looked at your J and now I have to do the guitar tomorrow :) I hope you feel all good by morning.

  8. Oh, so smart! I remember doing those.

    You are clearly the crafty mom queen - going to have to give some of these things a try! Connor would love that one.

  9. what a great idea!! love using things around the house for crafts.

  10. That guitar is fantastic! Cheap fun toy and the memories of making it together... priceless!! Way to go Mama :)

  11. I love that guitar! The simple things like that are always the best:)

  12. Well this is two days late, so I'm really hoping you've escaped the flu! My kids have all been sick this week, with the fourth one getting sick today. I'm so behind on everything, so what better way to spend nap time? Blogging ;)
    P.S. You are very crafty!

  13. Pretty creative. My child was art neglected.

  14. Thanks everyone for your comments. We had fun doing this craft and it took our minds off our sorry state!

    Sorry to be so late in replying. Jack had the flu for about 5 days, and I now have a cold. Needless to say, I am way behind! BUT, I think we are through the worst of it. YAY!

  15. We recently had a nasty bug in out house...hope the little guy is on the mend. Love your musical creation...looks like so much fun!